Build scalable  backends workflows automations APIs backends astonishingly fast

A visual API and workflow builder that will change the way you ship product.
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Build scalable  backends workflows automations APIs backends astonishingly fast

Low code API and workflow builder for rapid development.
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Create APIs in lightning speed

Create REST endoints, set up auth & validation rules.
Connect APIs, third party tools, DB queries and responses.
Deploy with a click of a button. No devops. We host for you.

Debug your APIs,
cron jobs & workflows

Send test requests with unique headers, auth and parameters.
Get details for each action and understand what’s happening.
Fix whatever is broken in your routes instantly in the UI.

Building Dreams, One Click at a Time


Access data with ease through a 
pre-defined data structure.

Index variables to access specific elements within a given list.

Set fallback values to manage defaults.

Inject Code where you need it

Write, test, and implement your own custom logic directly in a code editor.

We support Node.js and Python and let you integrate external libraries with a built-in package manager.

Environment Variables

Manage and store your secrets, configuration settings or any sensitive information.

Directly access those variables in your APIs and workflows.

Do anything & everything with your data


Conditional flow controls let you specify what to execute depending on what data is processed.

Multi level logic trees, loops and other conditions come with pre-written operators.

AI SQL Copilot

Let our copilot speed you up in writing SQL statements.

Add queries directly to your flows.


Select from 50+ functions to manipulate data exactly how you want it to.

Operators let you define variables directly in the UI.

Autosync all your builds in Config files

Everything you build on the platform automatically creates a YAML Config file.

Use files for versioning & faster deployment of repetitve flows.

Build workflows with
your favorite tools

Choose from one of our native integrations or customize your
workflow with any HTTP endpoint.

Trevor Blackwell
"At my core, I am a builder. Fastgen will make it much easier for all builders to ship products"
Francesco Wiedemann
"Very impressed with Fastgen so far. They ship features at an incredible speed"

Loved by builders around the world

Evan Farrel

Favorite tool of the week: Fastgen. It is still in Beta but it already saved me so much time!

Matthias Klenk

Shoutout to Fastgen. Love how quickly I can build new backends without thinking about DevOps at all

Dan Meier

We started building with Fastgen. It’s a crazy to see how much faster we are able to ship at Unlock. Looking forward to the next round of updates, especially the direct hosting feature

Max Greenwald

I am a big fan of the Fastgen team. They are lighting fast with their replies to any question

Max Elster

Just received early access to Fastgen. Can’t wait to see what this platform is capable of

Andrej Safundzic

Fastgen is my new favorite way to build automations at Lumos. It is fast and we do not need to think about hosting at all. Hope they add more integrations soon