In this update, we're excited to bring you tools for more intuitive coding, streamlined workflow testing, and easier management of your flows.

Custom Code Action Copilot

Now you can create JavaScript or Python code in the custom code action just by describing your requirements. This feature is here to make code creation more straightforward and less time-consuming.

Skip Actions for Better Flow Management

You can now disable or skip actions within a flow. This is useful when you need to test or temporarily turn off parts of your workflow without having to delete them.

Copy & Convert Flows Across Workspaces

We've added the ability to copy and convert flows to different workspaces, making it easier to manage workflows across teams and projects.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Custom Code Action: Made several tweaks to improve its overall functionality.
  • Quick Access in Command Palette: Added direct links to “Environment Variables” and “Integration Tokens” for faster access.
  • Fallback Modal Update: The fallback modal will now stay open when you click inside a variable, making it less of a hassle to use.
  • HTTP Code Alignment in Action Flow: Adjusted the alignment of httpCode in action flows for better readability and consistency.
  • Code Prettify Shortcut: Added a shortcut to quickly format code in the custom code action.
  • Datahub Enhancements: Updated the date & time input, fixed json type formatting issues, and made some small but useful UI/UX improvements.
  • ChatGPT Action with New Models: Updated the ChatGPT Action with the latest models for improved performance.