Introducing Command Palette: Swift Navigation and Search

We're excited to announce our latest feature - the Command Palette! The Command Palette is designed to make your interactions with our application faster and more efficient.

Navigating with Command Palette

The Command Palette provides a straightforward way to move around the application. Now, you can quickly jump to APIs, Workflows, or specific settings pages in just a few keystrokes.

Easy Searching

In addition to smooth navigation, the Command Palette also offers a simple search function. It covers the whole application, making it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

To start using the Command Palette, just use the shortcut ctrl + k on windwos or cmd + k on mac. Begin typing what you're looking for, and the Command Palette will take care of the rest.

As always, our support team is on hand if you have any questions or need assistance. Enjoy the new streamlined navigation and swift search! 🚀

Fixes & Improvements

  • Resend Button: The Resend Button on the Logs Page for outside-made requests has been fixed.
  • Variable Suggestions: The variable suggestion has been corrected from inputs.params to inputs.param.
  • Live Flows Viewer: The viewer for live flows (requests/workflows) in the documentation has been fixed.
  • Project Renaming: The bug that was causing the subdomain to break and disrupt endpoint requests when renaming a project has been addressed.
  • Request Body/Workflow Payload: The issue with the request body or workflow payload not pre-filling as expected has been rectified.
  • Postman Curl Request Import: The import function for Postman curl requests is now working correctly.
  • Action Drop Area: The drop area for actions has been made larger for convenience. Now, you can drop directly onto the plus icon.
  • Adding Actions: Adding actions is now simpler with a mouse click on the plus icon, which triggers a search dropdown.
  • Duplicate Actions: The issue causing actions to duplicate when using drag and drop has been fixed.
  • Flow Demo Viewer: An issue with the flow demo viewer has been addressed.
  • Editor Auto Size: The auto size of the editor has been increased for a better code input experience.