Introducing GraphQL, Environment Variables & Templates

Welcome to our latest update! Here's a breakdown of the new features to elevate your Fastgen experience:

GraphQL Action

Harness the power of GraphQL right from Fastgen. With the new GraphQL Action, you can now send requests to any GraphQL API with ease. This means you can seamlessly integrate with services that utilize GraphQL, without the usual hassles.

Environment Variables

Setting up environment-specific configurations just became a lot simpler. Introducing Environment Variables: a secure and organized way to manage and access variables specific to your project's environment. No more hardcoding secrets or constants; just set them as environment variables and access them when needed.

API/Workflow Templates

Jumpstart your projects with our carefully crafted templates. Whether you're setting up an API or building a workflow, our templates provide a solid foundation, helping you get up and running faster.

Referral Program

Sharing Fastgen with your peers is now even more rewarding. With our new referral program, both you and the friends you refer can reap benefits. Dive into the details in your Fastgen dashboard.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved a glitch on the /logs page; previously, scrolling to the list's bottom and clicking the Refresh button would display partial results.
  • Introduced an option in the Datahub’s context menu, allowing you to toggle the visibility of system fields.
  • Addressed the ChatGPT action validation hiccup.
  • Now, get a sneak peek of your data with the Data preview for database action.
  • Adjusted the main menu banner for a seamless view when using the floating menu.
  • Rectified an anomaly where the URL Parameters Modal didn't display parameters correctly.

Thank you for being a part of the Fastgen community. As always, should you have any queries or feedback, our support team is here to assist. Happy building!