Introducing Logging: Gain Valuable Insights into Your API and Workflow Activity

We're excited to introduce our latest feature: Logging! This addition allows you to access logs of all requests made to your APIs created with Fastgen and all Workflow executions. Logging helps you better understand your API and Workflow performance, so you can effectively maintain and optimize them.

Log Details

The Logging feature shows details about each request and workflow execution, including request and response headers, request bodies, and action data within your flows. Timestamps are also provided, making it easy to see when each event took place.

Sorting and Filtering

Find what you need in your logs with sorting and filtering options. Sort by route, HTTP status, and date to quickly identify patterns or issues.

Request & Response Data

Understand the responses your APIs and Workflows generate by viewing response headers and bodies. This information helps you identify any discrepancies and make adjustments as needed.

To access Logging, go to the "Logs" tab in your Fastgen dashboard. There, you can explore the logs for your APIs and Workflows and analyze activity to improve your projects.

As always, we're here to help if you have any questions or need assistance. Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Happy logging! 📊


  • Switch between live and draft routes in Debug Mode
  • Access workspaces through the Project Switcher
  • Adjust project and workspace settings with new Settings pages
  • Delete workflows and projects with a new option
  • Code editor action variable autocomplete
  • Action variable button for code editor and other action input fields
  • Tab and arrow key navigation in the Data Hub
  • Log module displaying previous runs of requests and workflows
  • Redirection to new workspace/project after creation
  • Improved scrolling behavior for trackpads inside builders


  • Fixed unresponsive route settings view button
  • Resolved global font inconsistencies
  • Addressed last row issue preventing submission with empty string values
  • Fixed unresponsive Slack Channel and Timezone SearchDropdowns in time-based workflow top action
  • Resolved issues with displaying large ActionsLog (>200kb) in DebugMode and Loglist
  • Fixed deletion errors in table rows and missing assignment of ID to the Table row object
  • Resolved issues with toggling booleans in Data Hub
  • Navigating back to the workflow list if a workflow is deleted inside the builder
  • Deselecting a SearchDropdown option by pressing it a second time
  • Fixed display issues with unnamed workflows and deleted workflows
  • Resolved custom HTTP code setting issue for response actions
  • Added success notification for workflow deployment
  • Implemented undo & redo keyboard shortcut listeners
  • Improved routing to prevent infinite loop on navigating back
  • Added missing placeholder values for top-action description
  • Fixed duplicate title & icon display in DialogModal
  • Updated placeholder documentation links to actual documentation pages
  • Resolved code editor input clearing issue when going full screen in the debug moda