Major Update: Expanding Capabilities with Stripe Integration, Enhanced Actions, and Improved User Management

We're excited to unveil a substantial update to our low-code API and workflow builder, introducing advanced features and significant enhancements that will substantially elevate your workflow management and execution!

Stripe Action Integration

Easily integrate Stripe into your workflows and API endpoints. Our Stripe action supports nearly the entire Stripe API, allowing for seamless payment processing and financial operations within your projects.

Time Delay and Time Window Actions

Introducing actions that let you pause your workflows. These tools provide flexibility in timing, ensuring your workflows run exactly when needed.

Folders for Organized Workflow Management:

Keep your flows tidy and organized with our new folder system. This feature enables you to categorize and store your workflows for easy access and better management.

Upgraded Variable Action

We've significantly enhanced the variable action. Now, define types, access multiple variables in a single block, and utilize over 50 functions for variable manipulation. Each type comes with its own operators for smart value assignment, making your workflows smarter and more efficient.

Enhanced If/Else Action

Our If/Else action just got a major upgrade. You can now combine AND/OR parameters at multiple levels, and we've added over a dozen new operators for building your conditions. This means more complex and precise logic in your workflows.

Advanced User Management

User Authentication now includes social logins via Google, Apple, GitHub, and more. Along with these, we've introduced advanced user roles and made significant improvements to our authentication workflows and hosted auth pages.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved a bug causing errors in the code editor when typing "{{".
  • Enhanced SQL copilot for better display of quick action buttons in response queries.
  • Added a direct response window and response header modal in the debug modal.
  • Fixed display issues in the CustomCode Action Debug Modal.
  • Restored Cron selector's ability to handle 'Sunday' as a day of the week input.
  • Improved validation and error handling for the Cron selector.
  • Implemented a Loop Selector in Debug Mode for enhanced debugging.
  • Fixed the Variables Textarea to ensure proper line breaking.
  • Improved the opening behavior and position of the fallback modal.
  • Introduced new navigation for the API/Workflow detail page.
  • Added a new log tab for more detailed API/Workflow insights.
  • Ensured the search bar is isolated to the current tab to maintain state consistency.
  • Changes in the editor are now saved when toggling fullscreen mode.
  • Clicking out of the debug mode editor now correctly updates the editor size.
  • SQL Copilot quick actions now correctly update the model.
  • Focused the Textarea automatically when opening SQL Copilot.
  • Fixed variable text overlay issues with unescaped strings like HTML or XML.
  • Addressed an issue causing new tabs to open unexpectedly when closing with CMD.
  • Corrected the loading icon display in tabs under certain conditions.
  • Resolved issues with the input dropdown in the Stripe action.
  • Fixed a problem with variable insertion in workflows.