Major Updates: File Storage, Functions, User Management Action, and Improved Database Controls

We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates, which are packed with powerful new features and crucial enhancements to the platform.

Storage Feature

Easily upload, store, and manage files via the platform or from within your flows with our new Storage feature.


Encapsulate actions into reusable logic blocks that can return data to the parent flow, streamlining your workflows and promoting efficiency through modular design.

Variable Action Upgrade

Overwrite, append, and modify output data from other actions and other context data from any point in the flow with enhanced Variable Actions.

User Action

Manage users, roles, and relationships directly within a flow, simplifying user management and empowering building custom authentication logic.

SystemColumns Removal in the Datahub

Eliminated the need for system_xxxx columns, allowing any table format to integrate seamlessly with the Datahub.

Improved Database Controls

Access and manage database credentials, IP allowlists, and more from the new Database Settings page.

Anthropic Integration

Introducing advanced AI capabilities with Anthropic integration.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Enhanced error messages for Custom Code Actions for better debugging.
  • Improved Python module import in Custom Code Actions for more stability.
  • Added a "Retry Payment" button for streamlined payment processing and enhanced self-service.
  • Email-triggered workflows can now access email attachments.
  • Fixed networking issues preventing some users from completing onboarding.
  • Fixed an issue causing unwanted disabling of actions.
  • Improved Custom Code action window size for better usability in debug mode.
  • Corrected number validation during CSV import to respect nullable database columns.
  • Paused workflows now accurately reflect their state (Draft vs. Deployed).
  • Enhanced main menu resize option visibility.
  • Upgraded Switch Action to support advanced conditional logic.
  • Fixed medium-size action width within flows.
  • Corrected positioning of variable dropdowns in scrollable lists.

We're committed to continuously improving your experience and providing the tools you need to build efficiently. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. Happy building!