Introducing User Authentication, AI SQL Copilot & Improved Variables

We've heard you loud and clear! User Management, one of the most eagerly anticipated and requested features, has finally been rolled out in our latest update. Let's dive into what's new:

User Authentication

With Fastgen, it's never been easier. Now, not only can you handle the nitty-gritty of end-user authentication, but we also provide hosted sign up and login pages, ensuring your user's first interaction is smooth, memorable, and secure.

AI Copilot for SQL: Say Less, Do More

Writing SQL manually can be a daunting task. With the new AI copilot, you simply need to ask our AI to generate SQL for you, making database interactions smooth and error-free. No more syntax errors, no more inefficiencies - just pure, streamlined database queries.

Improved Variables

Variables have had quite the makeover! Introducing our enhanced variable interface that's not only more intuitive but also packed with features that are set to elevate your workflow.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Enhanced the add table feature ensuring better input contrast and an added tooltip warning message.
  • Streamline your workflow with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Enter to instantly trigger the Test Run Button.
  • Addressed and rectified typos.
  • Simplify table modifications: Change a table’s name without needing to alter a column.
  • Ensure your code stays neat with cmd + s command to save custom code and an added prettifier to the custom code action when saving.
  • The http/graphlq action now trims URL to prevent saving URLs with unnecessary whitespace or empty lines.
  • Manage your workspace better with a newly added button to toggle the action menu, and the action menu itself is now scrollable for smaller window heights.
  • For enhanced usability, action modals now scroll when their height surpasses 100%.
  • Enhance your design flow as you can now scroll when adding or moving an action.
  • For those who value aesthetics in code, a beautify code feature has been added to the Hosted Auth page (HTML).